Biochar Compost for Veg & Salad – 100% organic and peat free – 30 Litres


Organic wool compost for veg & salad blended with high grade biochar – resulting in a beautiful, friable biochar compost that feeds throughout the growing season, whilst the biochar element builds long term soil health



We’ve teamed up with RHS finalists and wool and bracken compost specialist ‘Dalefoot Composts’ and hand-blended their renowned wool potting compost with our high grade biochar – producing a beautiful, friable and naturally rich biochar compost.

Formulated specifically for growing DIY organic veg and salad it provides optimum growing conditions and nutrients and feeds throughout the growing season – no need for additional feed. Now with added comfrey (bocking 14 variety). It is perfect for raised beds and containers and has exceptional ‘water buffering’ capacity so has a very high resistance to drying out and waterlogging.

The wool compost we blend with our biochar is 100% peat free, organic and truly sustainable. It is also Soil association approved

All our biochar is produced from conservation woodland management in the Lake District so you can be assured you are buying the best compost for your garden AND the environment

Biochar is ‘charcoal that is suitable for soil’ and is produced by heating wood in the absence of oxygen. This leaves behind charcoal that is very rich in carbon, porous, and able to retain nutrients very effectively.

Biochar is not only a natural way to improve the soil health, add fertility, and improve moisture retention, it is also carbon negative and therefore an effective way to combat global warming through carbon sequestration.

Crucially Biochar does not break down in the soil so its benefits remain for decades – increasing microbial activity, reducing nutrient leaching from the soil and facilitating nutrient uptake at the root zone year after year.


* Sustainable & natural ingredients

* Specific blend DIY organic veg & salad

* Feeds throughout the growing season

* Improves water retention & drainage

* Improves soil structure and fertility

* Reduces nutrient run-off – keep more in the soil

* Naturally supports microbes & fungi

* Locks carbon in the soil permanently

* Biochar creates long term soil health



Raised Beds and Containers

Fill will Biochar compost for veg & salad, soak well then plant directly into the compost

Seedlings and Plugs

Make small hole in compost, insert seedling ot plug, gently cover and water well.

Potato and Bean trenches

Line trenches with Biochar compost for veg & salad before planting

Top Dressing

Can also be used to top dress established vegetable plots and raised beds