British BBQ Charcoal – 20 litres


The ethical alternative to imported charcoal


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Our BBQ Charcoal is made in small batches, by us, and is the practical and ethical choice alternative to buying imported charcoal. Our Charcoal lights easily, is ready to cook on quickly and has no nasty additives or accelerants.

The wood used in our charcoal is a mixture of broadleaf types, mostly Hazel, Birch & Oak. As the wood comes from conservation Coppice or thinnings the type will vary according to the area that has been coppiced. Size of charcoal pieces vary between 1-7cm in size, all good for BBQing.


Made in the Lake District

You can also be happy in the knowledge that you are supporting local industry and the positive management of our precious native woodland. The wood we use to make our charcoal comes from sustainable woodland management, in the form of coppicing and thinning. Coppicing is the cutting down of trees and shrubs and allowing them to re-grow, this method of woodland management has been practiced in Britain for at least 6000 years. Coppicing, along with protection of re-growth, gives the tree or shrub a much longer and healthier life than if it were left to grow old without intervention.

The woodland we manage has been coppiced in the past (we even have the remains of a old charcoal burners huts) but has been neglected for 30 plus years. We are delighted to be reinstating the coppice cycle and to practice the age old art of charcoal making. Traditionally charcoal was produced by the method of Earth Burns, we use steel kilns to replicate the burn and produce a high quality British Barbeque Charcoal.


Why we sell by size not weight

Charcoal, like firewood, should be measured by volume rather than weight. Charcoal, by its nature should be light in weight as the heavy water content in the wood has been driven off by the charcoaling process, leaving approx 90% pure carbon. We sell our charcoal in 10 litre & 20 litre volumes. Think a litre jug or bottle of water, filled with charcoal x 10 or 20, or a standard builders bucket, which is 10 litres. The same volume of charcoal may be heavier in weight if it contains moisture, accelerants, binders or only partially burnt wood, none of which are desirable!