Biochar Soil Improver

The natural way for optimal soil and plant health



Why biochar?

Biochar is a very porous and high carbon form of charcoal that is specifically suitable for the soil. It has an enormous, sponge-like surface area (up to 1000m2 per gram!) which allows it to soak up water in rainy periods and retain water in dry periods – reducing the chance of plants water logging or drying out.

The billions of pores in biochar provide a huge ‘home’ for soil microbes and ‘store’ for nutrients delivering increased nutrient up take at the root zone and less nutrient run-off.

Crucially, biochar does not break down in the soil so its benefits remain for decades – building long term soil health like no other compost or fertilizer. Once in the soil it will reap cost savings (less inputs) and environmental savings (reduced CO2, NO2 & NO3) year after year


  • Builds long term soil health
  • Boosts plant productivity
  • Greater water retention in light soils
  • Improved drainage & aeration in heavy soils
  • Helps with disease and pest resistance
  • Improved fertility and soil structure
  • Reduces nutrient run-off – keeping more in the soil
  • Supports soil microbes & fungi
  • Locks carbon in the soil AND reduces Co2 soil emissions
  • Add to compost heaps to enrich & speed up the process

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