Super-Enriched Biochar Soil Improver

The perfect mix for optimal plant health & growth


A ready to use, top quality soil improver. 100% peat free and organic.

Why biochar?

Biochar is a very porous and high carbon form of charcoal that is specifically suitable for the soil. It has an enormous, sponge-like surface area (up to 1000m2 per gram!) which allows it to soak up water in rainy periods and retain water in dry periods – reducing the chance of plants water logging or drying out.

The billions of pores in biochar provide a huge ‘home’ for soil microbes and ‘store’ for nutrients delivering increased nutrient up take at the root zone and less nutrient run-off.

Crucially, biochar does not break down in the soil so its benefits remain for decades – building long term soil health like no other compost or fertilizer. Once in the soil it will reap cost savings (less inputs) and environmental savings (reduced CO2 ) year after year


  • Long term soil improvement
  • Greater water retention in light soils
  • Improved drainage & aeration in heavy soils
  • Helps disease & pest resistance
  • Improved fertility and soil structure
  • Supports soil microbes and fungi populations
  • Tastier fruit and veg due to the added minerals and trace elements
  • Even better soil structure and water buffering due to added coconut coir
  • Rich mix of nutrients and organic humus from the finest wormcasts available
  • ‘Locks’ carbon in the soil – directly offsetting your carbon footprint
  • Sustainably produced and 100% organic

Why is our mix so special?

We start with our high quality biochar and then add….

Wormcasts (worm poo)

The richest natural fertilizer known to humans, wormcasts are packed full of natural plant growth promoters, humus, and micronutrients. Why are the  wormcasts we use are the finest available? The worms are fed on organic waste (never peat) and they live in the feed material for up to two years, ensuring every inch has been through a worm at least once. It is this key process that makes the nutrients much more available for the plants to take up at the roots

Volcanic Rock Dust

Contains two thirds of all known non-synthetic minerals, and is a natural method of replenishing essential trace elements to your soil. Rock Dust benefits include higher yields, tastier fruit and vegetables and increased resistance to pests and drought.

 Organic Coconut Coir

An eco-friendly alternative to peat, with a high water & nutrient holding capacity. The coir increases the porosity of soil helping to keep it loose and airy for better root growth.

Helping rebuild biodiversity…

Our Biochar is made from 100% sustainable British hardwoods from woodland which is managed specifically to promote health and new life for our native trees and plants as well as creating better habitat for woodland birds and butterflies.

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