Welcome to the Natural Charcoal Company – Where Black is Green

Here at The Natural Charcoal Company we are on a mission to provide lovingly made charcoal products in the most ethical and sustainable way possible, and to spread the word about one of the world’s oldest yet most amazing and planet-friendly substances.

Charcoal has many uses, and an all encompassing reach


With its ability to naturally absorb and remove toxins from the body, Animal gut health biochar is a natural alternative to treating digestive ailments to maintain good gut health. biochar for animals is also known to reduce flatulence and bad breath.


Using Gardener’s Biochar & Super-Enriched Biochar is the natural way to improve soil and plant health. benefits include:

  • increase yield and improve taste in vegetables
  • long term soil improvement
  • greater water retention in light soils
  • improved drainage & aeration in heavy soils
  • helps disease & pest resistance
  • improved fertility and soil structure
  • supports soil microbes and fungi


Cooking outside is nourishing for the soul as well as the belly. Our British Barbeque Charcoal is a healthier alternative to imported charcoal as it is a pure substance that burns well without the use of added chemicals. As well as being healthier, food tastes better cooked on natural British BBQ charcoal.


Charcoal itself has, if it is not used for burning, been recognised an important contributor to reducing CO2 emissions by sequestering carbon for hundreds, possibly thousands of years. In the face of climate change it feels like a really positive action to be using biochar products with the added bonus of locking up carbon.