Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

Yes, most of our packaging is paper based using containers that are fully biodegradable. Where we have to use plastic bags (for packaging damp materials like our super enriched biochar) we make sure its biodegradable plastic. In practice this means that when it is land filled it does not contribute to ‘micro plastics’ but degrades back to its chemical continuants within 5 years. This is currently the best solution available. We only sell third party products after we have made sure their ethical and environmental convictions are as strong as ours – and this includes the packaging.

We have gone all out to make sure our packaging is the greenest possible option; sourcing local biodegradable materials from cardboard tubing with paper labels to paper sacks. We have chosen not to provide a measuring spoon with our animal gut health products as we weren’t able to find a non plastic option and we figure everyone has a teaspoon handy to measure and dish out with. Where we struggled to avoid plastics we have gone for the best possible option, we could only find plastic end caps for our cardboard animal gut health tubes, but these are 100% recyclable. It’s been a challenge working out & sourcing the best packaging options, Hopefully these greener options will be more readily available in the near future.