Cactus and Succulent Potting Mix


Organic and peat free potting mix enriched with high grade charcoal

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Succulent plants such as cacti tend to grow in areas that are very dry, so their thick fleshy leaves can store water to survive. The most important thing you can do for your cacti and other succulents is to make sure they have an open succulent soil with adequate drainage.

We’ve created a specialist succulent and cactus potting mix that’s made from coir based organic peat-free compost, lime-free washed grit, and our own natural charcoal which maximises aeration, drainage and moisture retention.


Why Charcoal?

Our charcoal is a specialist grade made in a high temperature, clean burning kiln which results in a very pure, high carbon charcoal, which means it has the key qualities needed in a first class succulent repotting mix.

It has the added benefit of being excellent at absorbing impurities and regulating nutrients.



  • An ideal succulent compost and potting mix
  • Light & Airy formulation encourages optimum drainage and airflow
  • Resists compaction for healthier root development
  • Contains 100% organic biochar
  • Promotes long term cacti and succulent plant care


Helpful tips

Re-potting a succulent or cacti is best done during the growing season. Carefully remove the plant from the pot, taking care to protect your hands against any spikes.

Put a layer of the Cactus and Succulent potting mix into the new pot, and place your plant inside and then fill the rest of the pot with potting mix, firming lightly around the roots until the container is filled to just below the rim. Don’t water for a few days to prevent damage to the roots.

Please note – in order to keep costs down this item will be sent out in plain packaging, along with an information leaflet.

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