Granulated Charcoal Dog Food Supplement – 200g


Canine Gut Health  – Naturally Activated Charcoal for Dogs



Help your dog to maintain a healthy digestive system by supplementing their feed with our natural activated charcoal. Simply add it to your dog’s food regularly to absorb toxins, reduce bloating and minimise flatulence. It also helps to freshen your dog’s breath.

Charcoal has been used for hundreds of years to safely maintain good digestive health and remove toxins. It works by absorbing toxins and gases before being passed out of the system. It’s natural, safe and has no side effects.


Made in the Lake District

We make our charcoal right here in the Lake District from 100% sustainable British wood. Nothing else added.

What is activated charcoal? The process of activation simply opens up the pores of the charcoal, making it more absorbent and effective. In many cases this process uses chemicals but we use a clean burn, high temperature kiln to naturally activate – resulting in a pure, chemical-free charcoal.

We manage the woodland by promoting health and new life for our native trees and plants and creating a habitat for woodland birds and butterflies – making a better planet for you and your dog.



  • Absorbs and removes toxins to keep your dog safe
  • Absorbs intestinal gases and aids digestion
  • Reduce bloating and dog flatulence
  • Perfect dog breath freshener
  • Naturally maintains a healthy digestive system
  • Tasteless and odourless
  • Fully lab tested, and an EU Approved feed material
  • Made from 100% sustainable hardwoods
  • Carbon negative so helps combat climate change

How to use

Simply sprinkle on or mix into food. If using dry food, moisten first before mixing in the charcoal. It is recommended to split between two daily feeds. If you animal is taking medication consult your vet first.