Orchid Compost Potting Mix


Orchid pine bark blended with high grade biochar – for improved air flow and moisture regulation

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Orchids have a reputation for being challenging to grow and nurture. They need a specialist orchid soil and just the right amount of water to thrive.

We’ve created a hand-blended orchid compost that includes our high-grade biochar. Our orchid potting mix contains natural biochar which helps the compost to keep an open structure, increase air flow, regulate moisture. It also absorbs impurities such as salts, that can build up over time.


Why biochar?

Our biochar is a specialist graded charcoal made in a high temperature, clean burning kiln which results in a very pure, high carbon biochar, which means it has the key qualities needed in a first class orchid repotting mix.

It has the added benefit of being excellent at absorbing impurities and regulating nutrients.



  • Rot resistant graded pine bark for longer repotting intervals
  • High grade biochar to absorb impurities and regulate nutrients
  • Improves water regulation and drainage
  • Promotes better airflow for healthier root development
  • Perlite-free for a more natural look


Helpful tips

Our Orchid Compost mix is easy to use. Use straight from the bag, or to give the roots a head start soak in orchid fertilizer and allow to drain thoroughly before use.

To repot your orchid, simply add a layer of orchid potting mix to the bottom of your new pot and gently insert the orchid. Then carefully fill around the sides of the plant, gently taping the sides and allowing the soil and potting mix to fall into a natural and open structure.

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